Dear Gothateers,


We have been hanging on as long as we possibly could, trying to keep the torch alight in the hope that we could do what we do at the end of August for GOTH 2020. 


As you know, at this current time restrictions are still in place, and although ‘maybe’ by August, they would be lighter and we could have possibly done something creative to ensure social distancing, this isn’t guaranteed.  We've given a huge amount of thought on how we could make changes to the format but without knowing how the situation will play out in the coming weeks, unfortunately we won't have the time to organise the show.


So, it is with a very sad heart that we have to postpone G.O.T.H 2020 until 2021.


We hope that you will understand that it has been a really difficult decision. We have to prioritise the safety of everybody that would be attending, from you & your families, the traders, the entertainment, and last but not least, Team G.O.T.H. 


Let’s all keep safe & well, and look forward to making G.O.T.H 2021 a BANGER!

- The best kept secret in the VW scene - 

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